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Where Artificial Intelligence Meets Investment: Explore the Power of Discretionary Fund Management

Our Discretionary Fund Management redefines excellence, introducing autonomous learning investment strategies—the 3rd wave in investment management. Elevate your portfolio with precision, confidence, and a new era of unparalleled sophistication. Welcome to the pinnacle of financial evolution.


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Discretionary Fund Management

Fusing Expertise with AI in Investing

Trajan Capital LLC (“Trajan”), established in 2017, aiming to utilize all the experience, knowledge, and insight of its members to develop an end-to-end Asset Management Solution that uses next-generation advanced technology to form trading decisions instead of basing its strategy on personal perceptions about the future economy.

At the core of our innovation lies SYGMA1, a proprietary autonomous learning trading model developed in 2015, integrating deep learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology within financial markets.

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Autonomous Learning Investment Strategies

Our Neural Network AI software, SYGMA1, represents the forefront of investment innovation. Harnessing the power of autonomous learning, it adapts and evolves, continuously analyzing market data to craft strategies that deliver precision, adaptability, and unrivaled performance for your portfolio.

Over time, SYGMA1 continually refines its capabilities through autonomous learning.

Autonomous Learning Investment Strategies ALIS SYGMA1 systematic Global Macro Absolute Return


SYGMA – ABR (ABR for absolute return) is a systematic global macro strategy engineered to generate consistent daily profits regardless of market conditions or direction by capitalizing on short-term price movements, all while seizing opportunities presented by short and mid-term trends.


SYGMA – PRO mirrors the core strategy of SYGMA – ABR, with the key distinction of applying a higher gearing to all trades with additional enhancements in risk management, effectively magnifying its performance and showcasing the amplified returns this strategy could achieve. 


SYGMA-E is an absolute return style strategy, meticulously crafted for energy markets. Tailored for integration into an energy company’s treasury, this strategy brings a specialized focus, ensuring strategic navigation and optimization within the intricate landscape of energy investments.

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Precision Investment Management Solutions

We seamlessly blend the precision of advanced mathematics with cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Our dedicated focus on investment management is fortified by the latest advancements in AI, allowing us to optimize and scale our performance. We pride ourselves on data-driven decision-making, ensuring that our services are not only tailored but also at the forefront of technological innovation in the financial landscape.

Discretionary Account Management

Designed for professionals and qualified investors, we deploy our autonomous learning investment strategies to navigate the dynamic financial landscape, ensuring your portfolios are managed with precision and tailored to your financial goals.

Discretionary Fund Management

Our Discretionary Fund Management service lets you focus on capital raising, marketing, and investor relations while we handle the day-to-day investment management. It's a collaborative approach for optimizing performance and capturing the attention of investors

Outsourced Treasury Management

Seamlessly integrate with your treasury, managing specific sectors to enhance efficiency. Our expertise ensures strategic deployment of funds, unlocking potential for increased returns while you maintain focus on core business operations.

Risk Management Solutions

Industry-specific algorithmic risk management solutions, incorporating algorithmic trading and financial engineering strategies to proactively address and mitigate potential risks to become more robust and resilient in the face of market uncertainties.

We do not get any profits from fundamental or technical analysis. We get profits from buying and selling. There is only price that dictates reality.

- Apostolos Sidiropoulos

Founder & CEO
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 At Trajan Capital, we prioritize excellence in investment practices, execution, and custodian services. Our collaborations with industry leaders ensure a synergy that goes beyond standard practices, providing our clients with the utmost precision and excellence in their investment journey