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Precision-Driven Investment Management Services: Unleashing Tomorrow’s Success with Specialized Expertise and Innovative AI Systems.

Trajan Capital is a Discretionary Asset Manager offering the following Discretionary Investment Management services

As a discretionary asset manager focusing on the evolution of investing and asset management through the dedication of providing modern services to our investment based on transparency, integrity, and innovation, unlike most asset managers and asset management firms, we focus on providing the best user experience for our investors by initially creating a model structured on efficiency and transparency through discretionary management. Through this model, we can minimize expenses, increase investor visibility, and provide innovation to their investment portfolio through our proprietary autonomous learning investment strategies directly to our investor’s accounts. 

Discretionary Account Management

Designed to seamlessly integrate our sophisticated AI-driven strategies directly into your investment account, streamlining the process and offering you the convenience of hands-free portfolio management. 

By maintaining full custody of your assets, you not only benefit from a cost-effective solution but also gain unprecedented visibility into your portfolio dynamics. This approach goes beyond traditional investment management, allowing you to witness every trade as it happens in real-time, right within your own account.

Discretionary Fund Management

In partnership with institutional investors, including asset management firms and hedge funds, we offer a unique opportunity to integrate our cutting-edge investment strategies as products.

This collaborative approach ensures a division of responsibilities, where we specialize in managing the investment side of the business, while our partners excel in fundraising, marketing, and investor relations. Importantly, our clients maintain full custody of their customers’ assets, as we operate solely as discretionary managers.

Outsourced treasury management

Dynamic collaboration where we seamlessly integrate into your treasury team, managing specific sectors to elevate overall efficiency. We go beyond conventional approaches by deploying tailored investment strategies that not only optimize returns but also enhance liquidity. Our specialized debt management strategies address interest rate risks head-on, ensuring resilience in the face of market fluctuations.

In addition to enhancing financial performance, our bespoke solutions are designed to elevate your overall credit rating. By strategically navigating the complexities of financial markets, we implement solutions that not only mitigate risks but also position your treasury for long-term success.

risk management in Trading & Investing

Industry-Specific Risk Management Solutions, tailored for businesses navigating the complexities of industries like Shipping, Energy, Manufacturing, Start-Ups, Oil & Gas, and those heavily influenced by commodity prices. Our specialized strategies are designed to address the unique challenges each industry faces, providing tailored risk management solutions that go beyond mitigating risks to proactively navigating volatile markets.

At the core of our approach is a commitment to offering bespoke strategies crafted to suit the intricacies of your industry. Whether it’s developing risk mitigation plans for the shipping industry, navigating energy market fluctuations, or assisting startups in their risk journey, our solutions are finely tuned to your specific needs. 

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Discretionary Asset Manager in Autonomous Learning Investment Strategies

Discover Our AI-Driven Investment Strategies

Our services are powered by SYGMA1, our advanced neural network AI software. This sophisticated system enables us to seamlessly deploy our autonomous learning investment strategies, ensuring a dynamic and responsive approach to the ever-changing landscape of financial markets.