We Serve

Industry specific Investment solutions to enhance profitability and reduce risk.

Explore tailored industry solutions, where our team leverages deep industry knowledge and experience to address the unique needs of businesses lacking specific expertise. As your trusted partner, we provide outsourced solutions that seamlessly fill the gaps, ensuring a comprehensive approach to industry-specific challenges.

Asset Management

In the asset management industry, we deliver AI-driven strategies, offering unique products that yield non-correlated returns to diversify portfolios, complemented by turnkey solutions that eliminate the need for additional talent acquisition.

Shipping Maritime

Specialized investment management services to enhance treasury operations, generating Time Charter Equivalent (TCE) income to increase overall profitability. Our tailored approach ensures a seamless integration within the treasury department providing a dedicated focus on optimizing financial returns.

Oil & Gas

Targeted energy trading strategies designed to mitigate risks in physical trading, while also offering robust hedging mechanisms against volatile price movements that may impact profitability. Our tailored approach ensures a resilient financial stance, enabling firms to navigate the intricacies of energy trading with confidence and strategic precision.

Commodity Traders

For commodity firms, we offer risk management solutions play a crucial role in mitigating exposure to volatile commodity prices, safeguarding profitability by strategically managing and minimizing the impact on overall financial performance.

Renewable Energy

We Offer strategic investment solutions by providing alternative income sources to safeguard investments during periods of low or no energy production. Our approach ensures financial resilience, allowing these firms to navigate fluctuations and sustain profitability even in challenging market conditions.


Tailored strategies focusing on generating cash flow on available funds, ensuring seamless production cycles until the delivery of goods and subsequent payments. With our strategic approach, we provide financial solutions that optimize liquidity, supporting uninterrupted production and fostering sustained operational efficiency in the manufacturing sector.