SYGMA1 Systematic Global Macro Strategy – 2023 Factsheet Released

Systematic Global Macro Strategy Factsheet 2023 SYGMA1

Exciting News for Professional Investors: 2023 Factsheet Release for our Systematic Global Macro Strategy powered by SYGMA1

We are thrilled to announce the release of our 2023 Factsheet for SYGMA1, our flagship Systematic Global Macro Strategy while is an Autonomous Learning Investment Strategy. This year’s factsheet provides an in-depth analysis of SYGMA1’s performance, showcasing how our advanced AI-driven approach continues to redefine asset management.

Highlights of the 2023 SYGMA1 Factsheet:

  • Performance Overview: Detailed metrics on SYGMA1’s performance over the past year, demonstrating our strategy’s robustness in navigating the complexities of the current financial landscape.
  • Strategy Performance: For the calendar year of 2023 the SYGMA1 strategy has produced a new record return of 56.20%.
  • Risk Analysis: The standard deviation for 2023 was 10.01% with a shape ratio of 5.09 for the year. The Max Drawdown for the year was 6.92% although the absolute drawdown remained low at 0.06%. 
  • Annualized Performance: Our Systematic Global Macro strategy has now produced an annualized return of 31.20% since the strategy inception in 2017 with a total return of 569.20%. 
  • Sharpe Ratio: For the calendar year of 2023 the strategy’s sharpe ratio was at 5.09 while the risk-free interest rate climbed to 5.25% for the year. 

This factsheet is tailored exclusively for qualified and professional investors. It aims to provide you with comprehensive insights into the effectiveness and efficiency of SYGMA1, supporting your investment decisions with precise and actionable data.

Accessing the Factsheet: 

This factsheet is designed for the use of qualified and professional investors. If you are not familiar with risk-adjusted investment strategies driven by AI models, we strongly recommend seeking advice from financial experts when interpreting our factsheet. This approach will ensure that you fully understand the potential risks and opportunities presented by SYGMA1. We are committed to maintaining transparency and delivering exceptional value to our investors. We believe that the insights provided in this year’s factsheet will underscore the strengths of SYGMA1 and help you understand why it represents a pivotal development in investment management technology.

For any further inquiries or detailed discussions about the factsheet, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to continuing to empower your investment success through innovative strategies like SYGMA1.

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