Trajan Capital was, 

Incorporated to provide added value to our clients investments through innovative technology.

Taking advantage of technology to promote efficiency and effectivness. 

About Us

Trajan Capital was founded in 2019 in New York, NY USA with the scope to provide innovative data-driven added value services within the capital markets. We focus on businesses re-engineering and investment strategies that inspire value creation through the deployment of advanced mathematics & management strategies, and comprehensive adoption of artificial intelligence tools. We have combined a team of investment advisors, fund managers, market-makers, and software engineers to create dynamic neural networks which provide measurements and calculations of market conditions on which we offer for our clients investment advantages. Our expertise is offering asset management, wealth management, and risk management advisory services along side our high-end consulting services to support our clients objectives.

At Trajan Capital, our clients’ best interests always come first, and everything we do goes strictly by our values and professional business ethics. We conduct business following the highest industry standards maintaining our independence and objectivity to encourage a culture within our firm that promotes integrity in the capital markets. 

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Our key fundamental values as an advisory firm within the financial industry, is to maintain encourage, and promote the integrity of the capital markets and create a culture around ethics, transparency, innovation and sustainability. 

Our firms fundamental values and culture are based around the highest standards of business ethics and practice. We always maintain an independence and objectivity conducting our advisory and consulting services always putting the best interests of our clients before anyone else. Our methods and procedures of business are structured to maintain our ethical culture and avoid being compliance solely focused. 

Our dedication to provide ethical added value services are infused with the notion to always be transparent with our clients. We are unbiased in providing financial reports and provide information about the current conditions of the market or our clients assets. Internally we integrate our advisory services with advanced technology to give data driven unbiased results for our clients to make the best decisions for their business. 

Where ever applicable we integrate todays latest technology to provide and apply innovative approaches to improve business efficiency and performance. We have extensive knowledge in the development of artificial dynamic neural networks and artificial intelligence programming. We apply technology with quantitative models based on advanced mathematics to run multiple simulations to find the ideal and most suitable results for our clients needs and objectives. 

Dynamic neural networks are designed to dynamically adapt the networks architecture based on the change of inputs (market conditions). Because todays markets are adapting at a rate which could not be effectively measured by individuals, we apply artificial intelligence based entirely on data to give us a sustainable advantage in todays digital and globalized capital markets. We are unbiased on which direction markets will go, but we make sure you are always in a position to capitalize on each direction. 

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