Asset Management Advisory 

Focused on building trust and integrity in the Capital Markets.

Advisory services based on data analytics & bespoke solutions.  

Asset Management Advisory

The scope, size, and complexity of the global asset management industry are constantly evolving as regulatory, investor, and commercial impacts evolve. Our objective is to provide added value to our client’s investments through highly ethical and transparent advisory services promoting transparency, integrity, and commitment.  

Offering high-end bespoke investment advisory solutions with leading capital markets strategies, technology driven solutions, and advanced quantitative models. We offer over 25 years of experience in the investment management industry as personal advisors. 

We offer over 25 years of trading experience within the capital markets and specifically the shipping industry asset classes as well. We offer advanced quantitative strategy advisory and integration of artificial intelligence within our clients corporate treasury systems, trading systems, and risk management systems. 

Cash management is considered the most discipline practice as a treasurer. We offer advanced solutions to manage daily cash, short-term liquidity, cash flows and cash positioning, surplus funds, procuring financing, and gathering data. We advise on solutions to manage liquidity in the most efficient maner.

Development and implementation of appropriate methods for the management of the risks identified and quantified. After the risks have been identified and the sensitivity of a financial institution to those risks has been adequately quantified, the next step is to select the instruments which are best suited to the management of those risks and lastly monitor those risks as the markets progress. Learn More. 

Asset Management Advisory
Our Purpose
Where does our Asset Management Advisory Benefit? 

Our asset management advisory business is in a unique position to help neutralize and manage risk while simultaneously providing capabilities to seize opportunities today, tomorrow, and consistently through the future. We apply artificial intelligence and deep learning systems to our global reach and resources to provide the latest unbiased analytics to help firms navigate through Brexit, COVID19, and more. 

Who do we Advise?

 Our advisory business is based on providing bespoke advisory services to each of the three main pillars of the asset management industry: managers, investors, and service providers. We do not offer retail services and are solely specialized in financial institutions, professional investors, and large-cap firms.  

Why Trajan Capital? 

Trajan Capital has a dedicated approach to providing added value through our asset management advisory. Our main focus is the infusion of advanced technologies and data analytics to provide our advisors with transparent & unbiased results. Our main objectives are to advise towards benchmark risk management performance on client’s investments rather than being only profit-focused. Our highest values are to always put the best interests of our clients first through our company’s culture of proper business ethics, and code of conduct. 

At the end of the day, we are not buying or selling anything except for risk. We are buying and selling Risk.
We are managing risk.
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