Renewable energy services

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Renewable Energy Solutions

Our model functions not only to reduce your costs or to hedge your risks, but we also go further beyond than that; We advise renewable energy companies routes to make money from different venues, from alternative resources, from hidden opportunities within the industry or the broader economy from its first day of operations.

A treasury advisors main duties are to maintain an oversight of the entire financial administration of a company. Our objective is to provide the highest levels of risk management and promote capital preservation. We offer advanced solutions to manage daily cash, short-term liquidity, cash flows and cash positioning, surplus funds, procuring financing, and gathering data.

Synthetically hedging advisory solutions tailored for each industry sector’s risks such as, income risk, interest rate risk, credit risk, and price risk, through highly liquid and efficient markets. 

Development and implementation of appropriate methods for the management of the risks identified and quantified. After the risks have been identified and the sensitivity of a financial institution to those risks has been adequately quantified, the next step is to select the instruments which are best suited to the management of those risks and lastly monitor those risks as the markets progress. Learn More. 

Services could be tailor made energy structured products/contracts, digital products (through blockchain, innovative tailor-made products for small and medium energy clients, etc.). SPV Creation for Alternative Investments.

    1. Corporate Formations & Complex Corporate Structures.

    2. Regulated/Unregulated Fund Set-Up.

    3. Tax Optimization / Business Efficiency Optimization.

    4. SPAC, spin-off or Carve Out (Later Stage)

Renewable Energy Services
Investment Adviosry

Manage assets efficiently & effectively

We advise the incorporation of alternative shipping related income through synthetic treasury services and tailored investment solutions. 

Risk Management Advisory

Neutralize Unecessary risk

Instead of hedging risk, which has proven inefficient and not-sustainable, we provide alternative solutions to neutral shipping related risks. 

Challenges Ahead

All over the world, the costs of pollution—and the benefits of environmental sustainability—are increasingly recognized. China, some of the Gulf States, and India are investing in green energy on a scale that would have been considered improbable even a decade ago. Europe, including the United Kingdom, is united on addressing climate change. The United States is transitioning away from coal and is innovating in a wide array of green technologies, such as batteries, carbon- capture methods, and electric vehicles.

To cope with the 2008–09 financial crisis, there were substantial government stimulus programs, but few of them incorporated climate or environmental action. This time is different. Many (though by no means all) countries are using their recovery plans to push through existing environmental policy priorities. More significantly, the growth opportunities that a green economy portends could be substantial. Green growth opportunities abound across massive sectors such as energy, mobility, and agriculture. Just as digital-economy companies have powered stock-market returns in the past couple of decades, so green-technology companies could play that role in the coming decades.

Top Investment Risks 2030

Negative Interest Rates
Credit Crunch

Our Solutions

Discipline, Research and Risk management are key.

At the core of our strategy is to eliminate costs (if possible, where it is applicable) and to create new sources of income for the organization. Instead of advising for long-term commitment of risk capital, we prefer advising a companies liquidity short-term to achieve better risk/reward ratio and simultaneously facilitate the operation of the company. Furthermore, we are constantly looking for new sources of generating profits, by making our assets quite efficient and working capital. (working capital vs. frozen or negatively yielding assets).

Key Highlights of our advisory strategies. 

  1. Preserving business capital; and Risk identification processing.
  2. Creating liquidity from alternative/uncorrelated sources; enriching capital performance in “stochastic” / unprecedented manner.

  3. Smoothing Capital Performance Curve by absorbing and managing risks; also prepared to address the unexpected ones.

  4. We implement the, developed by us, “Dynamically Adaptive Reasoning Model”.

“You can’t change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust your sails”.

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