Financial Institutions 

Leveraging 26 years of investment experience with todays latest technology.

Financial Institutions

We offer a variety of bespoke advisory and consulting solutions to financial institutions such as Banks, Funds, Family Offices, Private Equity, Venture Capital, and more.

Our main focus is to offered added value asset management advisory services to all sectors of the industry, managers, investors, and service providers. We have established one-of-a-kind artificial intelligence systems to provide precise data analytics to our clients investments. Learn More.

bespoke advisory solutions for wealth managers and UHNWI. We offer the equilibrium of advanced data analytics and todays latest technologies to provide the ultimate wealth management advisory solutions. Learn More. 

Development and implementation of appropriate methods for the management of the risks identified and quantified. After the risks have been identified and the sensitivity of a financial institution to those risks has been adequately quantified, the next step is to select the instruments which are best suited to the management of those risks and lastly monitor those risks as the markets progress. Learn More. 

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Investment Adviosry

Manage assets efficiently & effectively

We advise the incorporation of alternative shipping related income through synthetic treasury services and tailored investment solutions. 

Risk Management Advisory

Neutralize Unecessary risk

Instead of hedging risk, which has proven inefficient and not-sustainable, we provide alternative solutions to neutral shipping related risks. 

Challenges Ahead

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed and magnified challenges that already existed in the financial industry, which as sparked many new trends in the fin-tech world. The globalization and digitization of the economy is growing at a faster rate than every before and each year that rate increase drastically. Many firms are struggling to maintain an added value position due to lack of technology integration, out-dated client experiences and lack of trust due to the collapse of the financial market in 2008. We have seen a set of new trends and challenges in an industry that is increasingly commoditized, and investors focused so intently on cost, financial institutions will look to create more differentiated products and focus on delivering better experiences. Furthermore, 2022 sees the peak of the fund industry as technology continues to improve and reduce costs, use of direct indexation, fractional shares and overlays to customize portfolios will allow for improved tax efficiency, customized ESG overlays, and low-cost thematic baskets, thus accelerating the mutual fund’s path towards obsolescence.

Top Investment Risks 2030

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Credit Crunch
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