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Access to capital & financial instruments from our global network.

Tailored Lending Solutions crafted to fit your business needs.

Lending Solutions

Source financing solutions for your projects whether its a real estate development in London or a renewable energy project in Greece, we find the optimal lending solutions which best match your long-term goals. 

Provide working capital for your business through credit lines and overdraft facilities with top-tier financial institutions around the globe. We always take into account the maximum feasible interest rates to ensure sustainable growth. 

Lombard loans from leading institutional lenders with the lowest achievable interest rates and flexible terms in favor of our clients. We ensure our clients portfolio can maintain any financial instruments applied to their portfolio for proper risk management.

Shipping Finance has become a specialized industry where we have vast experience and knowledge to source viable terms. Offering alternative and conventional lending solutions from banks, leasing houses, shipping funds, and private equity firms for the following shipping categories; bulk carries, container vessels, chemical/oil tankers.

We connect corporations with financial institutions internationally for alternative lending solutions and banking products. Through our network, we streamline the entire process from due diligence to funding of capital. 

Lending Solutions
How we do it

Step 1 – Application Preperation & Consulting. 

We collect all your financial information in order to create your financial portfolio which states your current financial standing and lending capabilities according to the financials provided. From there on, we consult with you regarding what your objectives are in relation to achievable financing available through our network giving you options of lending solutions we should target. Retention Fee is applied.

Step 2 – Introductions, negotiations & Completion. 

With financial portfolio and objectives complete, we directly connect you with financial institutions in order to begin the application process. We consult and guide you through the entire process in order to maximize the success and productivity of the relationship between all parties. Upon receipt of terms and conditions we assist any negotiations required to achieve the best lending costs and terms.

Step 3 –  Debt Management Advisory – Refinancing. 

Upon success, we provide post-lending guidance in terms of financial planning to ensure loan repayment or interest hedging solutions. In case of a negative response, we are committed to source additional lending options which fit your needs. Success Fee Appplied.

Our Lending Sources
Banking Institutions 

Consult with top-tier banking institutions internationally to select the ideal banking partner that fits your business needs and objectives. As financial and investment advisors, we make an extra effort to ensure we have selected the ideal banking institution for your nature of business and long-term objectives. We work with banks such as JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Citi Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), BNP Paribas, Raiffeisen Bank, Macquarie Bank,  Credit Suisse, UBS, Bank of Cyprus, National Bank of Greece (NBG), Optima Bank, and many more. 

Private Equity & Family Offices 

We can help organizations, innovative businesses, and creative entrepreneurs find funding by connecting them with a global network of equity and debt financiers. Each project is unique and has its own set of financial requirements which we thereon analyze to connect you directly with the most suitable firm for your business industry. We offer a complete advisory and consulting service that will assist from the preparation of documentation and due diligence up until the final negotiations and underwriting process. 

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Introductions directly to lenders, showing full transparency in our partners and practices.

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